Helsinki City Quest

Discover Helsinki new unusual way!


Interactive city game

Helsinki can be very different, and you have a great opportunity to explore it yourself or in the company of friends in a special and unusual way.


Fintur has created for you a unique quest - City Helsinki Quest!


You are looking for new ways to spend your leisure time, or you want to test your mind for intelligence, get vivid impressions, get acquainted with the city and add new adventures to your life, then we are waiting for you!


The meeting place is Helsinki, Finland. Instructions and secret codes for the start will be provided.

You are waiting for riddles and puzzles, unexpected assignments, travel around the city, meeting new people. Agree, this is much better than an ordinary excursion.


Helsinki City Quest is a new and innovative activity-game, which utilise modern technology to create unforgettable experience. Game rules are quite simple, you need to collect as many points as possible by answering question, which are located all around the city and in order to open it, first, you have to find the question. Each team gets Tablet PC or mobile with special software, which shows question location and location of the team. That´s it, now you are ready to go for adventure.


Game is fully customizable; we can design game specifically for your group! We can change questions, locations and etc. Questions are very diverse too, for example they can be, location tied or general, they can have answers or be without answers. They can include photos, videos and even web pages, clues, hints and comments and etc.


This game suits any group size and could be played after meeting, congress or just as a team building activity. Helsinki City Quest is an excellent way to explore city in a unique and fun way!

Number of participants - from 1 and more.


To reserve the date of participation or clarify the information, please contact us.


Choose a date and month that is convenient for you.

The cost is 38 euros / person (for groups over 10 people a discount is possible).

Duration: 1,5 – 2 hours | Location: any | Group sizes: 2-350 people


Feedback from our participants

Such a quest is an original idea, it's much better than listening to a boring excursion! You will recognize the city, think over each riddle, a great opportunity to have fun and interesting time. The tasks are rather complicated and this makes sense, since very light tasks will not bring such enthusiasm in the solution. Thanks to the organizers, we are delighted!

Kate & Den (Germany)

We have long wanted to visit Finland, especially Helsinki. But could not determine for themselves an interesting option to see the city and to be interesting and original. And thanks to an acquaintance with the managers of Fintur, we found what we were looking for.

It was an excellent way of leisure and exploring the city. Quest captures, in the process have to get acquainted with people and it's fine, you will not only learn the city but also people! There was a feeling that we learned so many secrets! Sensations are incredible, a lot of emotions, we will discuss this adventure for a long time with a cup of tea in the circle of our entire small team! We are happy that we have coped, prepare new riddles and we will try our strength.

Thank you! Tell all your friends and acquaintances.

Greetings from Russia (Olya and Roman).

We decided to try the whole family and test our strength and mind. I must say, it was very fun! And the weather pleased. There were moments when we thought that we could not cope, but everything turned out. Assignments are different and unexpected. So many photos, you can create a separate album. The children were delighted with them so captured the quest that they could not calm down after its completion. Now they themselves come up with tasks and riddles. Thanks to Fintur for this wonderful day, now the quest continues at home :). We will definitely come again! Marta, Nick and our gnomes :) Norway

Our team was so carried away by the game that it forgot about the time, the emotions were overflowing. To unite the team, the best means, supported, competed and together rejoiced in victories and decisions. We learned everyone completely from the other side, thanks to the quest, because it is in difficult situations that people manifest themselves. The main thing is that we had a great time, met Helsinki, an amazing city and all thanks to Fintur! Thank you for such an amazing opportunity, to try yourself in the role of detectives :)

Mark and the team (Sweden)


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